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Saanvi Agricultural Products

Welcome to Saanvi. We are one of the largest Agro-based manufacturers and exporter, headquartered in Chennai, and serving globally, catering to all the diverse demands of people on a plethora of agricultural produces. We are one of the leading Coco peat Suppliers and exporter, and renowned as the best supplier for high-quality coir products across the world.We are catering to the growing demands for supreme quality natural seeds, growing media, pulses, spices, cereals, pulps, nuts, and more. Our other lines of services include sourcing, raw material procurement, processing, productivity, and packaging.

About Our Company

We have started Saanvi in the year 2017, with the pursuit to deliver products rendering “Healthy food, and Active life" through the choicest of foods that provide nutrition and good health. We support Organic farming and believe in upcycling the agro-based residues and create value-based consumer products, which adds a lot of value in life and reduce the carbon-cycle cross the word.

We are a team of professionals, who are highly enthusiastic and are committed to ensuring great customer satisfaction. We focus on chain supply management, which ensures seamless Our quest to be one of the top-notch service providers in the industry has enabled us to be the leaders in the industry in a short period, and have earned enormous clientele across the world. Over the years, we have supported sustainable agriculture through our support and services, and have been looking for avenues to bring newer reforms into society towards healthy living and providing environment sustenance.

Our Business

Our Quality and satisfied customers are always the result of brilliant efforts

Saple Coco peat is one of the Best Organic Growing Media, which promotes the healthy growth of plants

Coco Peat is one of the gifts of nature, which is enriched with thesupreme qualities to support and grow plants. We also fortify it, by adding various nutrients to it and make it as a professional substrate - growing media. Coir fiber pith or coir peat dust can hold higher quantities of moisture, just like a sponge. Coco peat is one of the best soil conditioners.

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The Most Nutritious Food in the World..

The Moringa Oleifera tree or the Murungai, Drumstick, Horseradish is one among the healthiest foods, which are packed with nutrition like protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals. It is highly renowned as “Superfood”, and almost most of the parts are edible like their sap, roots, leaves, seeds, and flowers. They are used in traditional medicine, as it enhances the immune system, and highly effective to enhance the health of the skin, energizes the heart, and reduces blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.

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Add spice and color to the food

Spices are nature’s gift, which not only adds flavor to the food but also enhances the taste and brings enormous health benefits, along with it. Over the years, people have understood the health benefits, and are using healthy foods in all their recipes, and innovate newer foods, which pamper the taste pallets and color allows us to explore and be innovative in our day to day cooking. Best of all, they keep you away from having tasteless and flavorless food. They make the foods interesting by adding natural colors like yellow, red, orange, based on the ingredients added.

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Pretentious Pulses

Pulses are the powerhouses, as they bring a lot of energy to the people, and also helps the soil to fix nitrogen in the soil, which helps the planet to continuously gain the goodness of nature through the legumes. They are rich in iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins, and other important things like protein and amino acids. Legumes form a staple diet of vegetarians and add the nutrition quotient to the food by balancing the diet. Pulses are consumed across the world and are one of the favorite ingredients.

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Excellence is not being the best... Its's serving our best

Saanvi specializes on premium quality CocoPeat (CoirPith ) products and work closely with customer, find the exact need and fullfill their requirements. We make sure that we provide our service anytime, anywhere based on the customer's convenience. Let us help you..

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Boosting Your Productivity Through Our Expertise

Our company procures, process and add value to the Cocopeat (Coirpith) products with rich source of nutrients through advanced agricultural practices or food processing technology in order to make it universally acceptable as premium branded product

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