Soil Testing And Analysis

Agriculture depends mainly on the health of the soil, and to preserve it has become one of the most important duties of everyone. As Saanvi is instrumental in bring diverse alternative methods in farming, and cultivation, we take special and innate care towards finding the health of the soil.

Many challenges like climate change, loss of biodiversity, pollution, and other causes have damaged the quality of the soil. Over the years, we are not only bringing various methods to improve the quality of the soil but also test and develop strategies that could help in bringing sustainable agricultural practices that can help the farmers to use fewer natural resources.

It is also advised that after every yield of the crop, the nature of the soil changes. Over the years, if the land remains untested or treated, there might be a condition where it can not be used again until it is taken complete care which requires a lot of time, money, and effort.

We have our in-house laboratory, which is fully equipped and is highly proficient in handling various soil samples. We have performed various analyses for people, and have identified several parameters to be enhanced in the soil, which would bring better results.