At Saanvi Products, we are grateful to the smartest and brightes leaders in business. Their passion, dedication, agility and quick decision making are enabling our rapid growth while paving a path to our brightest future ever

Mrs Anandhi Prabhu has completed her Engineering in Avinashilingam Deemed University, Coimbatore during 2001. Her professional degree in Food processing and preservation technology and experience in the agro food industry initiated the setup of Agricultural and Food based company. Today Saanvi is known worldwide as premier Agro Products Company because of her passion and dedication in managing the process and supply chain of superior quality products. Through her expertise company is able to produce various value added and specialized products which are unique in the market. Many companies in India and overseas are willing to collaborate with us for supplying them with the quality products. She also have elaborate plans of setting up more facilities across India and overseas, in the years to come.

Mrs Anandhi Prabhu


Mrs S Parameswari


Mrs S Parameswari, having plenty of experience in agriculture and food products is managing the procurement and providing us with professional consultancy. She has managed several farms and agricultural products since three decades. Having hand full of skill and proficiency in producing and procuring agro products, helping us managing the business to supply quality products.

Mr S K Senthil Prabu, has completed his Bachelor of commerce in PSG College of Arts and Science and graduated Masters in Business Administration in GRD Institute of Management, Coimbatore joined the company during 2018. He has been recruited mainly to promote the products across the world. Having 22 years of industrial experience in marketing agro products is helping us to sell our products in Europe, USA, Korea, China, Israel, Canada, Chili, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Costa Rica, Maldives, Hongkong, United Kingdom etc.

Mr S K Senthil Prabu