Food Processing

In today’s global scenario, the food platter across most of the dining table consists of ingredients sourced from various parts of the world. On one side, the entire shift of the Food Industry is on improving productivity, and on the other hand bringing sustainability. Food Processingtechnology has grown leaps and bounds to cater to the growing demands, where various processes like sourcing the raw ingredients, cooking, processing, and handling the food materials into value-added products form an incredible part.

Thus, processed food will have extended shelf life, good packaging, and are easily marketed across the world. Saanvi has extended facilities to process the foods through various methods like mincing and macerating, pickling, pasteurization, and liquefaction, emulsification. Our cooking procedures extensively have covered boiling, broiling, frying, or grilling based on the raw materials.

We have a wide range of processing which includes foods, beverages, which cater to the overall nutrition of the people. While processing the foods, we take extensive care about food safety and quality, and each of our foods that are processed goes through a rigorous stage of testing and quality analysis.