Coconut peat is also called coir fiber piths or coir peat, and they are naturally gained from the husk of the coconut, which is then processed and converted into coco-peat. They are then converted into many useful products, like rugs, ropes, brushes, etc…

To make a goos Coco-peat, it takes several steps and multiple levels of treatment. This acts as a good medium for growing plants, as it has that fibrous layer, and enables healthy growth which promotes the roots to grow stronger The fibrous grow medium provides proper aeration to help plants and seedlings establish healthier roots to grow stronger and faster. It is used as the potting soil and grows herbs, vegetables, flowers, microgreens, wheatgrass. Adding fertilizer to the coco soil will also nourish the plants and help them to grow.

We are one of the important manufacturers of coco-peat and are exporting to many parts of the world. Our packing ranges from 50 liters up to 200 liters. We have connected with several logistics companies all over the world, which enables us to supply all over the world, without any challenges. Overall, we have also created multiple dealership opportunities in Tamilnadu for all the enthusiasts, and interested people with a passion for traditional farming methods, and introducing sustainable food practices to people.

We have an in-house research and development team, which enhances the quality and performs various research on coir pith, We also come with many innovative products to enhance the use of coco-peat. Our eye for quality and the concern to deliver the best to our customers has always motivated us to be one of the prominent agro-base suppliers.