Our biggest strength is,” the reliability” .Both customers and the suppliers completely trust us. We have well qualified and experienced teams working hard for the customer satisfaction. Quality with prompt delivery is what customers like about us.Our sophisticated facilities makes it easier for us to save time,produce hygienic products with less man power.We never compromise with quality of our products at any cost.


Our Company believes in serving our customers with premium Cocopeat products at highly competitive pricing. Saanvi prides itself on its well experienced, professional and highly qualified team, staying up to date in all means. Our aim is to build lasting relationship with both the suppliers and the customers. We have mutual understanding and trust on all our suppliers and customers which is the core of our relationship.

Our Mission

To grow into the best sustainable agricultural and food products provider ensuring sufficient supply with high quality having in mind ,the protection of our environment and natural resources

Our Vision

A well known, widespread, vertically integrated concern ushering in a new age in an age old industry.