Coconut peat/ coir fibre piths/coir peat dust is natural pith extracted from the husk of coconut and peat moss is widely used in potting mix. It withholds high percentage of water, just like a sponge.

Our Saple Coco peat is a pre nourished mix of coir fine dust, standard washed, coarse and fibrous material that are compressed into coir pith blocks. It is used mainly in growing vegetables, farming, landscaping, farming applications etc.Due to its high moisture retention capacity, coir pith is ideal for growing organic vegetables, seedlings, flowerings plants like anthuriums and orchids. Coco peat Brick is one of our primary retail product, We have Many Potential Household Customers in Chennai.

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Cocopeat is taken in bare hands in wet form
Saple Sticker is pasted in centre of Saanvi's Cocopeat Block
Cocopeat Pellets are taken in bare hands