A Bee is Looking for Honey in the Flower

What is Natural honey? Which one is best for health?

Honey is the sweetest thick syrup made by bees from the nectar of flowers. It has the same relative sweetness as granulated sugar but considered as an excellent food for health enthusiasts. It has attractive properties and a distinctive flavor when used as a sweetener. Most microorganisms do not grow in honey, […]

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A person HoldinG the small Tree

Pulses and Biodiversity

What is Biodiversity? The variability among living organisms from all sources and the ecological complexes of which they are part; this includes diversity within species, between species and of ecosystems. How does Pulses helps in improving soil Biodiversity? Nitrogen fixing bacteria establishes inside the root nodules of pulse crops; thus […]

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A group of millet plants are show in the Picture

Amazing Benefits Of Millet

The best health benefits of millet include its ability to protect the heart, prevent diabetes, improve the digestive system, lower the risk of cancer, detoxify the body, improve respiratory health, boost the immune system, increase energy levels, and improve the muscle and nerve health. What Is Millet? Millet may not […]

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